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Frequently Asked Questions

New Builds

Q. I have a new home being built. When do you need the blueprints?

A. As soon as possible. Blueprints allow us to see what you all need for  stair and railings, for the most part, and gives us enough information to provide you with a quote  and get the ball rolling.

Q. When should we meet on site to measure the openings for the stairs?

A. Once framing has commenced, contact us and we will be happy to come out and start measuring for the stairs. 

Q. Do you provide layouts?

A. We can provide layouts for framing purposes once onsite measurements are taken.

Q. Do you provide temporary stairs while the final ones are being constructed?

A. We certainly can provide temporary stairs for a nominal fee.

Q. When should my stairs and railings be installed?

A. For stairs, once the windows are installed and the roof is shingled, and preferably before drywall is installed, the stairs can be installed. Once drywall is mudded and primed, railings can be installed. Railings must be installed before flooring is put in. 

Q. How soon can I expect my stairs?

A. Once the quote is approved and the deposit is received, stairs will take about 5 weeks to manufacture and install. 

Q. When should I make my selections for my stairs and railings?

A. As soon as possible. Knowing what you exactly want helps us prepare an accurate quote and make sure we can provide you with your choices in a timely manner. 

Q. What else do you need from me?

A. We need to know the thickness of the flooring you are going to install where it connects with the stairs and railings. This is very important. Stairs cannot be built without this knowledge.


Q. I'm not sure if I want to reface my existing stairs or put in new ones. What is                the difference?

A. Refacing helps if you do not want to disturb the area surrounding the stairs, ie, the walls and floors. To put in new stairs will cause damage to those surrounding areas.

Q. Why are my stairs squeaking?

A. Over time, houses move with temperatures changing. This can cause minor loosening of material in the staircase causing squeaking. It is something that can be rectified.

Q. Do you stain the stairs and railings?

A. We do not. When we install our stairs and railings, they are installed raw. A paint company can help you with this.

Q. What type of wood is the easiest to stain?

A. Oak material is the easiest and most versatile wood species to stain. Maple is one of the most difficult wood species to stain.

Q. Do you install other companies material?

A. We do not. We are happy to provide you with the best material and installation.

Q. Do you manufacture and install exterior stairs and railings?

A. We do not. We strictly deal with interior stairs and railings. Contacting a decking company is your best bet for exterior stair systems. 

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